• R. E. Maynard

Grateful Expectations Lead to a Better Me

Grateful Expectations Lead to a Better Me

When I set out to educate myself, many dreams led me on a journey challenging me to work tirelessly to gain multiple degrees. Wielding an insight on an educational track remains the basis for building on my better qualities as a professional. I found that most companies want an educated candidate, a person willing to brave that extra mile as a go-getter, and a candidate prepared to access a streamline of new information relevant to growing in an industry.

I am grateful for the experiences that my heart chose to endeavor. Passions lead me forward. Having a level head and an ambitious demeanor has benefited me as a sincere host for acquiring the necessary knowledge enabling successful endeavors. Coursing and achieving objectives with some very interesting companies over my career lent and pays forward a tutelage worthy of reaching greater heights in a bright future. The achievements of today are still yet to badge me with an honorable appreciation for being a sincere participant in a career both fun and challenging.

Gratefully, I accept that more challenges shall define me as a dutiful candidate further reaching new limits without fearing limitations. If given the opportunity to succeed further than even yesterday’s ambitions, an assurance that new goals shall drive my humble spirit toward reaching the best version of me as a professional. I can only portray the person willing to make the needed sacrifices to continue these dreams.

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