• R. E. Maynard



Every chance we have to do something miraculous for the heart, we offer a fresh start to our day’s responsibilities as driven beings. Life can be such a haze for a brain constantly racing to that next task, while burdens leading us all astray cause far too much chaos to keep track, as efforts made lend to learning to get the Hell out of our own way.

Love is not too much to request from a friend or foe, when respect offered demands the same in return for an honest regarded truth. Foul judgements never raised the proof of anyone’s status in a world of blood and veins. Mostly, we are as one, a people one in the same, and one love should define our greater expectations as a human race.

Our greater contributions dictate the future of our existence as model citizens redeem love’s grace, as kindness, compassion, and dignity raise our souls to a most spirited affair with every appreciation grown from such duties bestowed. Live well to enjoy the differences of a life unknown, as opposites attract the basis for understanding one of our own, and as you identify with someone who most interestingly does not appear so different after all.

Bend hearts wielding love’s most precious gift to humanity and feed our sanity through a kinship bonding our souls forevermore. We may still harbor change as an agent of discovery, so shall we love alike more than ever before.

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