• R. E. Maynard

Honor Amongst True Kings and Queens

Honor Amongst True Kings and Queens

Our great nation is the land of peaceful promises, raged in wars delivered through far too many last breaths. The betterment of our society remains protected by all those brave souls sacrificing their very lives for guarded freedoms. All admirations founded by the brave children grown into men and women forged in duty, served on frontlines around the world vowed with their devotions to Uncle Sam.

No greater respect shall be a life awarded to a soldier’s actions than a mother’s loving devotion to her child’s courage foreknown by history’s privilege. A folded flag, beauty is its true grace, honored with the arrival of a mother’s outreached hands, well deserving is the redeemable pride upheld in a spirited affair with every warm-blooded American’s state of consciousness.

Each ounce of split blood on foreign soil stands for a greater servitude’s guardianship, served against tyranny worldwide, and the birth of each new patriot inherited with allegiance forged in justice for humanity’s willful hearts–serve wholeheartedly. Reigned free–reigning in religious freedoms adopted through liberties celebrated upon independence in constitutional laws. Honoring the true kings and queens reigning in bravery, knighted to bestow a global initiative blessed in God’s name, as the Christian children of a Lord forgiving served through moral deeds ever necessary for prosperity’s destiny, forsaken not by one single soul born of a right to live indifferent than thy neighbor’s differences.

Pray for the families so willing to sacrifice their clan for the crowning of such royalty, now lost souls found alive in castles amongst the clouds, and worshipers seated by the thrown of our Father’s treasured chest, fulfilled in His emotional wealth. Awaiting their new assignments as angel warriors in the army of righteousness, true patron saints of the days still to come after the damnation of evil’s terroristic seeds planted in naïve factions, serving no devil’s dues across broadened lands near nor afar.

Allowing us all to remember their many names carved into our respects, forever shall the memories of these sons and daughters relive lives in our hearts forevermore. Happy Memorial Day to all the heroes who have provided us with these rights that we do adore rightfully. God bless, America!

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