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Honoring Morality and Owning Dignity as Humility Proves Integrity

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Honoring Morality and Owning Dignity as Humility Proves Integrity

When I was a child growing up in Greene Children’s Services in Ohio, I feared what adults would do next because of simple bad choices by parents who struggled greatly. These people fought dignity and morality least favored by their potentials as my role models, but I found resourcefulness in understanding the differences in these psyches self-defeated.

My strengths have stemmed directly from the mistakes made by adults barely capable of stabilizing their lives. I earned many degrees and used such knowledge to grow an abundance that serves me well. Integrity relies solely on characteristics honoring the dignity of purpose, as my life spiraled out of control. Those people who depend upon such guidance suffer terribly. Rising to challenges through my moral fortitude deservingly taught self-respect and self-worth while owning integrity resisted those potential negative influencers we all fear.

Any adulthood representative of childless adolescence creates some instinctual obstacles to manage my psyche that suffered from certain fated realities. Being a crossover teenager pursuant of grown responsibilities, my writer’s blog www.mygrownperceptions.com details and represents the raised perceptions describing growth helping me escape from childhood abuse and abandonment. The talents gave naturally earned me emotional wealth inherent in God’s gifts to a stable adulthood. My mentality lends to the betterment of a life pursuing dreams. I honor those people who abused me by welcoming them into my adult life with love and respect while I prove to compose a life of advocacy and duty expressively. We all suffer at the mindset and actions of others or as self-destructiveness resist proper guidance, treatment, or counseling, and even a little help to stabilize our means at times feels necessary.

God has taught me that humility sets apart my disposition for not judging those who tread upon me as a human being. I felt emotions like anyone else and know that dealing with these influencer’s contributions lifting me through kindness and purpose. Being the type of writer who hopes to serve readers, my relationships represent signs of courage. Expressions that emotions dealt with by impressionable foresight portraying honesty and integrity. I give unselfishly to a deserving world my host of truths using a voice of reason as an empath. I willingly detail life with the type of care defining how morality gifted that child no longer in need because of my dignity earned.

Please find me well with the reasoning of my expressionist voice. My actions are meaningfully adept with the care that foresees hope and favors the life that I wish to lead.

In applying for the professional role as a writer/editor, do I speak freely to the experience with a psyche dedicated to my healthy future endeavors while ensuring wellness defines me greatly? I can only hope that your organization hires me for my character, true talents, and the efforts that set me apart as a human. Whatever duties bestowed upon me as a purposeful entity, I shall prove to become an honorable gent appreciative of new opportunities and diverse relationships. My actions favor the probability of living like a dreamer as I seek the American Dream.

Read my professional works and give me some likes, comments, critiques, and let us keep dreaming of what good things can come through self-accountability.

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