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Horrifying Frights Spook the Ghoulish Delights of a Fearful Halloween Night

Horrifying Frights Spook the Ghoulish Delights of a Fearful Halloween Night

The ghouls awaken every Halloween night, as our heartbeats rise for the arousal of some most haunting frights. The dead rest uneasy, as a delightfully wicked spell awakens the undead’s duty to tear from their graves with moanful sorrows. A moonlit night cast horrors terrifying our curiosities for nightmares to come ever so true.

As a soulless fool sips from a witch’s hypnotic brew, tainting the screams of fearful victims, and her collection of lost souls regain no weariness in the witching hours. The flickering lights of the Jack-o-lanterns guide the zombie’s walk through the darkness, hungered by their feasting furies for flesh, they feed on the living.

Brain matter spills across paved roads aligned with eager little beggars runabout, as these hyperactive children scurry about cheerfully in communities with sweetened treats atop their naïve minds. While they storm from door to door in disguises that reinvent their imaginative schemes.

A worsening affair with the make believe defines a nation’s ritual for portraying death and gore, as the howls of the werewolf cause a fog to mystify all the creatures that may wish to come out on such eventful night. A trance captures the imaginations of the bold at heart, as every worthy dreamer seeks the thrills awakening the dawning of a Halloween night to remember forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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