• R. E. Maynard

In light of a Foolish Plight––Love Defines a Purposeful Life

In light of a Foolish Plight––Love Defines a Purposeful Life

While I perceived any hope to remain lost in your deceptive eyes, the depths of such frightening foresight protected love’s virtues that at once faded into the darkness our unfaithfulness. Dare I speak to how feelings of betrayal left thoughts weighed over those memories forged in a passionate affair without due honesty to support our cause for a lifetime’s history.

A fair judgement left a branded message atop my heart’s desire to ever love again, but no true appeal forced a forsaken interest to feel love-struck and hopelessly while spent at all costs. The proof of my conscience remained intact where a priceless importance redeemed love’s integrity, while I allowed a life of regrettable choices to lessen a romantic’s expectations of a cheater’s due mentality.

Every pain felt caused a renewed strength unrelentless in comparison to all those ill-perceived notions that my heart belonged to another person’s sense of ownership, so to tell of those fabling tales of my broken heart – I wielded a battled scar as proof that love is a fairing misfortune and the greatest emotion ever felt. In light of my foolish plight, it is the love in my heart that defines this most purposeful life.

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