• R. E. Maynard

In the Storm Shall I Glee in Lessons Well

In the Storm Shall I Glee in Lessons Well

Given the challenges we lead, as responsibilities bear so much of our time and energy, still a truest lesson acts most dependably when trying to accomplish dreams. Trusting in the bounty of happiness, especially in correspondence with any humble acceptance where burdens lead us all through perfect storms. We must learn to put aside those demands at times of struggle for the purpose of singing our own praises. I am not suggesting that pride obscure the reality of any given situation, but I am offering a peaceful resistance for standing up gleefully in tough situations as a voice of reason. We have a magical power living inside of each of our willful existences, and as hope cast our voices upon potentials, we lesson with confidence a far greater reason to sing out in new beliefs.

Feeling encouraged to perform at our best deserves a theme song that inspires us to accomplish goals daily with delightful decree for lessoning well. A slight whistle in heart of my long day passes the time most expectedly. I engage with those tasks ahead with a mindfulness where lessons guide a more pleasance experience. Culture is the dutiful composer of any finely tuned team member’s willingness to orchestrate achievable goals while facing challenges anew. A voice of reason commonly audacious enough to lesson failures remains in pursuit of those outcomes praising our gleeful attempts at leading fears. I am just one team member who lessons well the fears of the unknown while some unique tune beats the drum of successes within rhythm to a courageous means.

Even in coursing the inevitable struggles of the perfect storm have I found the calm of an eye for seeing things objectively. In expecting the storm to revisit our postured self-relevancies as we act as constant professionals who offers an atmosphere of persistence to the force of any challenge ahead. We become a large part of any storm raging over the individualities of human beings indifferent by their very nature. By embracing the powerful lessons representative of those better days where a simple tune creates an upbeat opportunity for reaching achievable goals, we gain control over the storm. Positivity can be a resource found from the depths of even a team misrepresented by a diversely defeating culture. One whistling spirit causes a chain reaction that creates an engaging environment where mindfulness reenergizes negativity, thus turning such potentials into the positivity necessary for belting out in a song together.

One great heartfelt inner song true to the nature of caring helps to embrace a cultural affair enriched in powerful tides where storms rage with gleeful voices of reason. I am capable of carrying a team through a symphony of battled promises, as I orchestrate my commitments singing loudly above the raging storm surrounding me daily.

Can you hear me singing with the winds of positive change?

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