• R. E. Maynard

In these Arms

Holding you tightly in these arms, as my body radiates a warmth that consumes your soul—I protect all that is precious about you.

Our bodies intertwine, as we become the proof of passion’s known, and my love absorbs your sense of guarding a heart worthy of compassions felt.

In these Arms

In these arms, ever strong and willfully grown by true desires, a soulful relationship forever trusting in honesty’s foretelling promises, delivers this affair of two hearts—dealt by mere dreams come true.

I give my devotions to your heart’s most sincere admirations, for a feeling of fulfillment purposes two lives in a rhythmic dance amongst the clouds, while these arms twirl us around gracefully upon the surface of the moon for memories’ sake.

This love of mine becomes your beautiful light, as you rest peacefully and then awaken in these embracing arms on each morrow’s most curious mourn.

And a destiny worthy of this commitment defines the betterment of our friendship ever anew, as I find happiness in the depths of your beautiful soul—as lovers do.

I find you in these arms forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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