• R. E. Maynard

Independence Courses Through the Heartbeat of America

Independence Courses Through the Heartbeat of America

Remembering those prideful days as a child watching fireworks while holding on to a patriotic theme for living in America. The innate theme still reigns in my heartbeat as an adult. Trusting in those thoughts ingrained in our history, forge a people proud to act courageously with broader thoughts about what constitutes freedom. We owe those veterans of foreign wars valued breadth for measuring the heart of Americans.

Our forefathers laid a foundation for independence from Britain which led us to become the greatest economic and protective power worldwide. It means something special to act innate with respect for our independence as a nation. The best regarded freedoms other counties do not share in harvest hopeful promises here at our homeland. Each July 4th do we celebrate our beginning and the greatest generation who fought in World War II as the frontline for independence from such evils as dictatorships and tyranny. Religious freedom founded our free will to believe in America’s independence. We owe the heroes who held the benefits of family structures as free-forming ideals to a higher esteem and with honor and respects.

My mentality and morality are a branch from the generational fortitude of these esteemed heroes. I feel educated and rewarded in their mention. Fireworks blasting in air as a celebration of valor and bravery leading the way to new generations protecting all that is precious about America’s servicemen and servicewomen. Looking back on lessons from elders who stood and still stand for the very declaration of our independence courses decency through model behaviors admirably of our nation’s best. We must raise our chins with pride and care to further enrich history in lives lived through servitude to one another’s care. Standing tall in the face of diversity is a history defined by Americans who understand right from wrong and did/do great things as a result of love for their country.

The very heartbeat of America shall always be guts and the freedom to practice religion or not, but those families who sacrifice(d) so proudly course(s) our independence from those who oppose our way of life. I honor my independence by carrying forward a prideful respect for America’s rich history. We may not be a perfect people here on Earth, but we are the proof of compassion and a prideful empathy. Speak well of those who stood/fought for our rights to reign free in a land where we so greatly benefit from the truer patriots affording us these freedoms.

Happy Independence Day, America!

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