• R. E. Maynard

Individuality Suites Me—Alone

As I decide on a moral conscience for belonging to society, I know that the views of today’s constituencies meet no favor for lessoning a moralistic opinion of my own.

I feel left outside of the world of political indifference, as my actions are the defining qualities to describe a life of duties as an American sewn by seams of togetherness. I seek love from a nation of haters.

Moral choices such as my work ethic, advocacy for charitable causes, and the pursuit of happiness through a humbled means define a greater capacity for owning moral integrity. As I wield a passion for earning the respects for which I am known.

Individuality suites me far too well, as I course the dissatisfactions of a life reflective of Hell. I am an emotionally expressive being—human through an honest means of purposing life, but no such understanding of life’s existence entitles me any right to judge accordingly.

Thereof, as a relationship with my sensibilities, I force a heart worthy of sincerities atop my conscience awareness, for every conscious desire demands a greater capacity for expectations to grow my psyche above the ailments of humanity’s discourses.

I fear this world of immoral ideological savageries, as I feel alone.

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