• R. E. Maynard

Inspired by Imagination: A Testimonial of a Creative Type

My creativity comes from imagination and at a cost: as time, energy, and techniques are the defining tools used to create inspired projects. The act of feeling passionately about an artistic project refuels the artistic reserves and designers use these creative tools daily at will. I remember being a young child, I saved the brown paper bags from the grocery store. I cut the bags into rectangles, then I drew in pencil and traced over my penciled lines in ink. As far back as I can remember, I have always been a person inspired by imagination and the outcomes of efforts made to finish a piece of art.

The finished artwork is only part of our reward: inspiration, collaboration, and critique are all benefactors to grow artistic skills. Creating shapes has a fulfillment that gives the creator a true sense of accomplishment. I feel positive about each piece worked and accept critiques willingly. Critique has to be one of the most important tools acquired over my short artistic life span. When I was a child, a person might have offered me advice about a drawing, but I instantly took offense, and I would run away to cry privately in defense. I have a passion true to the art form now, and the difference that grew in my processes is collaborations and inspirations. I learned to appreciate the differences in styles and techniques. I admire so many different artists now. I adapted to lessons which strengthened my abilities as an artist.

In every art form that I practice now, I seek appreciation through critique. A good analysis of one’s artistic processes will instill the value of the client’s perspective as well. I can now create in an on the spot moment and adhere to the requests of my clients. In certain scenarios during the commission of a creative process, a customer wants what they feel represents the identification of a brand. The designer of a piece must learn to acquire the visions of their customer and adapt respectfully. I think that the process of creating from the visions of a customer gives the art the aesthetics necessary to communicate effectively. Paying forward the gift of imagination is a feeling of great reward for artists.

Being able to perform the tasks to create is an exceptionally fun process – I trust the processes is a fun experience for clients, too. Working closely with a person or group to achieve something well-conceptualized is an inspiringly unique experience for everyone involved in the creation. I inspire creativity, imagination leads us all, and collaborations create a better solution for artistic visions realized. Together, we can build imaginative bridges and arrive at our beautiful dreams. Bravo!

– R. Everett Maynard - 01/20/19

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