• R. E. Maynard

Leap into Risking a Life Worth Leading

Leap into Risking a Life Worth Leading

It was not all that long ago that I lacked the education and experiences to uphold the demands for acting as a leading example of professionalism.

Early in the year 2000, a realization came to a maturity that my laborious occupation weighed on my aging body.

I took a new position serving tables with my girlfriend. One evening, I fell and severed the ulnar nerve in my left arm. Thankfully, my girlfriend acted as a catalyst for the benefits of education and for personal growth. She expected me to make whatever efforts to reach my potentials as a deserving benefactor of intellect. Suddenly, I faced a surgery to repair the damage in my arm and a workers’ compensation case to pay for the procedure and therapy. Wisely, I followed the protocol for using doctors associated with worker’s compensation and I healed up.

In the beginning of this new venture into life anew, I doubted myself over the idea that education had an option for a thirty-year-old with no General Educational Diploma (GED). Time had gotten away from my tired body and this new scenario created circumstances fearful at its least potential. I felt afraid of the rejection that presented such obvious risks as years kept going by so quickly. After leaving high school in the tenth grade over conditions out of my control, I fought hard to adjust my character as a person wielding a work ethic. Working for a living suited stability and having such a foundation felt good to me at the time. There was a lot of value in just showing up and for me to learn a trade in the constructive realm of new possibilities.

Back to 2000, the year presented many challenges to my physical capabilities as an injured employee and the restaurant fired me for not being able to cover my shift. I remember being penniless and in love with my girlfriend dearly. Naturally, my Christmas present was a commitment to obtain my GED and enroll into a college. The time ahead created many steppingstones that caused me fear and left much apprehensiveness atop some pretty unstable shoulders. My girlfriend acted as the perfect role model for adhering to behaviors confident and courageous as the processes grew more acceptable with achievable goals. I found myself in a classroom unable to even turn on a computer.

Of course, the academic years flew by with so many mentors and influencers guiding my way through one coursework after another. At points where honesty led to clarity, I adjusted my mindset to acquire degrees focused on those weakness such as verbal and written communications. Talent had always served me well as a creative student, but I needed to heighten my awareness to reach levels of aptitude respectable to the highest capacity now. Challenges had always met me with this tenacity for accomplishing those goals people found unattainable, as I love a challenge. My human factor played into a great deal as the very work ethic that kept me afloat now served as a true springboard for academic solidarity among peers. I gained lifelong friendships with scholarly peers who respect my works.

Today, I write and partake in friendships with some truly incredible writers, mentors, influencers, and role models. My girlfriend became an ex and still a valued asset in our ever-evolving lives as friends. New chapters exist as publishing and working within the means for developing as a professional led me as the mentor, influencer, and role model now supporting a foundational stability. I remain grateful for the encouragements that led me to take risks my pride and never to fear my potentials.

Taking even greater risks will continue to prove my status as an academic and for being the professional who continually proves worthy of my incredible dreams. My educational track and degrees are of the sacrifices given for the benefit of growing a mentality taught to matter most and to be a humble host. Knowledge suited me and emotional intelligence and emotional wealth coursed my better life. I must regard these fortunate opportunities as the choices which made my life so deserving of this intelligible mindset leading the way forward happily.

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