• R. E. Maynard

Love Due Speaks to a Soul Once Unattended

Every single time I see your beauty–it compels my desire to love you undeniably. A thought adorned is the sincerest plan to hold you dear to my heart forevermore, as I write this dedication of our potentials in a trust of respect worthy of your sweetest sincerities gifted to such a fool. I served immaturity as a teenager full of urges that left me incapable of knowing the wealth of such emotions that now speak to these sensitivities grown from admiring your every breath from afar.

Fallen–hardly a chance that love shall speak to your life’s truest defining principles for being naturally a deserving recipient of my affections ever so true, as a respected sense of duty to proclaim my crush is a lifted presence in your light, and an honest feeling cherished by memories and days anew raise my desires to keep you forever near.

I lost myself in you, as teenagers we left our soulful virtues upon a moment of passions spawned in the lustful tale of two lovers, and I regrettably failed to understand the blessing of a cherished love bestowed upon my heart unattended.

O’ history sure does tell of a love due, even though your committed satisfactions are of another’s good graces, it is a privilege to adore you with a soul attending to such honesty ever true.

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