• R. E. Maynard

Love’s Wicked Trance

Love’s Wicked Trance

Her darkened heart ravaged my awaiting affections fearfully. An ingeniously blind trust led my wholehearted admirations to assume her advances were of my own horrific desires. A lit fiery soul torched my eyes with curiosity.

Absolute wickedness settled deep within the heartache that I felt ever so endearingly. I bled from an infectious soul of determination so to love her. A lady’s contrived emotions overruled a life of mine. She rose into a spirit unknown to my lustful indulgence to fulfill my trust.

Still, I tasted her passions, as I ran a feasting tongue across sweat beads atop her moistened flesh. Frozen limbs kept her vibrations orgasmic and a lost mind captured my rightful purpose to exist within her. Our bodies escaped the lives that we once lived happily within, as we lifted our lights to the advantages of love’s true nature.

Carried into twilight by her loveliness, her heavenly smile spirited me to adorn bravely those desires that compel a lady’s grace. The Earth opened an enabling grave to consume my happiness in peace—I rested. A nightmare warped my perceptions of her wayward twisted realities to inspire my sexuality to flare. I had come alive.

Courage afforded my heart a soulmate’s mournful destiny, as I lived in her breath. I forsake not a single day’s affairs of our adoring hearts. The strange love that compelled us foretold our friendship as oddly beautiful. The likes of her spell left me foolish hearted in a trance.

Fate led to a torturous journey of love’s worthwhile sincerity’s lost without haste. Her love fed my brightened soul forevermore. As we died in a pack to remain together for eternity, I gave her no worries to warrant another morrow’s choice.

– R. E. Maynard

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