• R. E. Maynard

The Birth of Grown Perceptions

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

How the human spirit grows my best perspectives regarding life.


Born as an individual worthy of successes and taught by our failures, we must learn to think for ourselves without fearing the feelings of being ostracized by our contributors.

At birth, we all awaken into a deserving world. Our purpose is to live with great possibilities for awaken dreams. To adapt well to change means that we are always receptive to new ideas which disable ego or resistance. In an attempt to adapt to life’s necessary changes and responsibilities, we are reborn often into chosen classes societal by nature. Remaining happily ever after depends on our truest capacity to succeed or learning from failures. My life is a collection of stories that truly taught me to be philosophical about contributions and contributors. I understand that I differ from people – nevertheless, it remains important to not take every emotion felt to heart.

I maneuver my day-to-day activities with patience and acceptance of those opposing opinions idealistic that seek to dismantle my purposeful choices. My stories carry weight and can enable greater successes in people’s lives, but this blog might not be for everyone. I write to express my perspectives or offer access to my philosophical views about living a good life, the pursuit of love, and to entertain those emotions that contribute to awakening dreams. My blog represents the emotional wealth written about grown perceptions regarding ordinary and extraordinary scenarios that I live and have lived over the span of this life. I create antidotal stories that I deem gifts worthy of growing new positive perspectives about living life.


– R. Everett Maynard - 01/19/19

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