• R. E. Maynard

Moonbeams Cast a Place to Call Home

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Moonbeams Cast a Place to Call Home

O’ luminous moonbeams of our's, explain your heavenly grace—it’s time, please don’t betray us now. We’ll rocket ship into outer space, we must get away somehow. Our wings of imagination will take flight, sacrificing gravity for our exploration, we shall survive.

Carrying on our love for humanity. Until death do, we part, a gift for generations, still to come, we’ll pass on our humble hearts.

Engines fire, barreling clouds fume the surrounding land. Farewell planet Earth, explanations of our aching heart define us now. We’ll give life this brand-new start, goodbye, we must not die, we’ll reside on the surface of the moon. So, we’ll blast off now to this better place, Earth fades into our memories of late. Once we all arrive in my wishful dreams, we’ll dance gracefully weightless in time.

We’ll build a colony of hope, forevermore will live in our blissful lives, our humble hearts reinvent our state of being. We cannot forsake our start anew. We’ll dream together, alien to society’s history of mistakes, consumed by this love for our existence, a community of humans—we shall become.

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