• R. E. Maynard

My Absolute Faith Feels Indefinite in Building on Care

My Absolute Faith Feels Indefinite in Building on Care

My heart continues to grow a mentality confident in the endearments of faith and acceptance. I think the world reacts as a loveless existence guarding our insecurities while judging in contrast to self-identifiable perceptions befitting our realities. Trusting in a heart determined with absolute self-love is a connection to God’s presence ever prevalent in the choices that I make daily. The people who I choose to associate with exhibit kindness influencing and heightening my sincerity as a human being.

I now live to co-exist in a world of absolute faith. I speak to a sincere willingness to act with compassion ever true of our emotional ties as a human race.

My prayers extend beyond a moment of need and deservingness, as God lives in every second of my day. I confess that my imperfections are the powerful indifferences for saving grace. Living well in relationships confidently influential in His understanding of my flawed life, I seek care without judgments. It is those imperfections lessoning life that have built esteem and lifted me as a personable professional founding successes.

The goodness that is my sense of humor, bearableness as a conversationalist, or as a confidant for listening where needed, I represent a personhood enriched in the commonness of my best human qualities.

Happiness is a product of my sensitivity, the vulnerableness relative for pursuing answers and dealing with our soulful existence in a loveless world keeps me seeking truths. I fall and skin my knee on a rigid rock while hiking and cannot naturally expect the stone to feel sympathy for my willingness to exhibit emotional needs as a human.

Owning my ties to a community where diversification relates to a heart desirably fashioning my care equally, I rely solely on faith for a loving complexity. I feel an abundance of care gifts my heart and enables me to see through to a person’s greater potentials. My efforts to shine in the light reflective of a dutiful life may not be relative to another’s expectations, but I am a worthy candidate for respectability and for favoring my successes as an employable candidate.

I want desperately to look at the heart of a person with care. I have witnessed questionable behaviors in just about everyone that I have ever known. We are a human race indeed. We are all winners in a race for achieving our stability. Does faith in the human condition afford me the right to lift in self-righteousness? No! I simply trust that my faith in being a caring person acts as a most dominate reaction for lending to humanity and the workforce too.

My abilities to keep absolute prayers alive leads to His receptiveness of a voice confidently always there for representing of our best selves. I like to think of my heart as a mediator for speaking well of our lives, whether we are all relative to God’s word or not. I believe in humanity.We may not all be believers in Christ, but I trust that everyone feels emotions in their special way. I am a positive reactor energizing a loveless world with the necessary care that inspires hopes and dreams. Especially my own hopes and dreams. Miracles happen in those unknowingly auspicious endeavors where absolute care feels indefinite to those heart’s desiring positive results.

I feel most comfortable knowing how my loving acceptance of such imperfections adds to a loveless world, as I sincerely act true to my faith as a personable professional with a loving sincerity. I am no better or worse than any other personhood to date.

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