• R. E. Maynard

My Aching Empathy Redeems an Unwavering Love

My Aching Empathy Redeems an Unwavering Love

Attested to the knowingness of Christ Jesus’s ability to safeguard me from judgements handed down by our over-opinionated selves, I give my strengths to care willfully to God’s example. I act as a compelling Christian with sins redeeming my presence in His truest understanding of my personhood and faithfulness. Sure, as I breath air as a child of my parents, do I lead an empathic life unwilling to carry the judgments of mankind without my wholehearted understanding of such inequities. Thy neighbor has no burdens on my heart’s ability to self-care while living in the light of my Lord Christ Jesus. He who portrayed imperfections exampling my willful deeds to humanity with greater regards to His miracles, I waver not the truth of my own in equities. I act as a simple man dutiful in the righteousness of my savior God.

I continually ask forgiveness for living as a mere human being, damned be the self-destructiveness of Satan’s willingness to pursued mankind. The devil does most sincerely impress upon the nature of our weary hearted ever so dependably. I shall not breadth a single disrespect from my earnest emotions dealt, as love’s compassionate appeal leads to my efforts to care avowed in God’s good word. Tolerant have I felt the wholehearted need to overlook the damnations of people’s perceptions of Christianity. Gladly do I leave their judgments in my prayers, while asking God for their salvations with absolute care of a heart amended by the live of Christ Jesus.

I am a mere man with only God’s love as miracles to foresight. I can only do onto any blessed heart the healing power of our emotional ties for living together as a human race. I ask that any disheartening against Christ Jesus upon my conscience teach well my courage to compel God within, as I stand with a proud faith without allowing ignorance as a means to lesson redemption as a faithful means to living through our challenges. God awaits our hearts to accept that unwavering love, even in the diversified heartache of Hell on Earth, we must remain in His heart and He in ours’ as Christians.

Through my best work shall I be purposeful in the light of the Lord. No amount of hatred over my confident teachings can detour my voice of reason through our bountiful scripture. Even if I never use a single word to cast such light onto our indifferences, may we feel reborn of a life of truth, I endeavor my blessings through innately unique actions in His example of my best-self-serving humanity. I shall love you however best serves my Heavenly Father’s innate light, even in your sins do I love you well within a means of nonjudgments. Live in the darkness of a periled life and know that I am speaking to God with an aching desire for your redeemable existence. Unwavering love feels righteous to a God serving our best lives, abound in the struggles parable to His willingness to lead us into a paradise.

God bless all of God’s people, whether worshipped in His light or not, a deserving world teaches my empathic heart a plea for the sanctuary of heaven. Become your best self through the works of a spirited soul and thrive in the light of a purposeful disposition attested to Christ Jesus.

~ Child of Christ

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