• R. E. Maynard

My Circle of Life Shall End with a Far Greater Wisdom to Spare

My Circle of Life Shall End with a Far Greater Wisdom to Spare

My history shall tell of a beginning like no other life lived, or far too many lives lived in reality, as abandonment left me all alone, and the growth that I needed came just in time for my recovery from harsher emotions felt.

As the abusive nature of my contributors likely fought struggles of their very own, and for far too long had I felt that these souls were tortured by some darkness of whatever sorted despairs. I can only prove wholeheartedly through my forgiveness for deserving hearts, and how I care most willfully known.

Wisdom blesses my psyche to understand true emotional wealth, as everyone goes through things in this life, so as a human being—being myself, I shall not hold strife or ill will against a single soul. In my kind regards for living, love guides my kind demeanor for hopeful promises met, and in my efforts to inspire happiness—I shall carry on with this heart left on my sleeve.

Never did I get to know my parents lives, as they lived in another realm unknown to mine, nevertheless, I gave them dignity at times where it mattered most. God rest their souls in Heaven, as my prayers must have been heard ever so proudly. I am the proof of my circle of life, and gratefully—I have grown the wisdom to spare my heart of those dysfunctions I bear, therefore, I do care.

— R. E. Maynard

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