• R. E. Maynard

My Impossible Possibilities Awaken Some Incredible Dreams

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Awakened in a curious state of imaginative dreams, impossible to fathom how I am sensing a reality that impossibly believes in such possibilities, as a result of greater possibilities do I redeem a life in light of me. Trusted in a soulful effort to capture sights in my creativity, so does a creative spirit learn to represent my hopes and desires.

I wield the voice of reasoning atop of this ambitious will to forever foresee, yielding to no weary efforts for leading my way forward humbly, and no less than achievable actions have I reigned free, and a lack thereof any resistance shall represent my actions to resemble greater expectations.

My impossible possibilities exit in fashionable dreams, some incredible dream-state imagines flash before my sense of belonging, inspired by a heart worthy of creating most imaginable themes, as a reality of every awakening foresight creations exceptional of my will to portray life most gratefully. The very imagery of a world expressively defined in my realities, appear in these eyes through these lenses of absolute sincerities.

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