• R. E. Maynard

My One Creative Life

My One Creative Life

An ethical heart drives my willful demeanor to succeed, and surely–does a determination lead me forward ever more confidently.

The proof of my knowledge stems from a purposeful journey indeed, whereas, the knowledge gained over the years bridge my failures and triumphs alike.

I think critically about every little detail to cross my sight, line after line written, or illustration come to life.

An education committed me to this one creative life.

Watch as these concepts for life lend to this humble mind of mine, continually growing fonder of these concepts foreseen as my truest reality.

I look for the signs of a life worth living, as the very idea of my contributions to this deserving world define a character of my own design.

I can only hope you enjoy my artistic endeavors, as each creative idea delves deeper into your most appreciative heart.

We learn to live together in this world of my most inspired dreams.

– R. E. Maynard

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