• R. E. Maynard

My Post Covid-19 Repertoire Lives Wisely Anew

My Post Covid-19 Repertoire Lives Wisely Anew

Now that a post Covid-19 life has lessened me with potentials for coursing a pandemic’s undeniable responsibilities. My life of new expectations challenges me to remain healthier than ever before. A psyche once least concerned with certain daily rituals, now involves me partaking in steps for ensuring hygiene strengthens my health, while such combative practices as washing my hands and keeping a suitable distance from my peers decreases risk factors. I know now that we live in an imperfect surrounding that can influence our psyches in very negative ways. Every thought about what practices that I have now adopted leads me well mentally, emotionally, and feeling protected from the idea of such a harmful virus.

I account for these better practices by keeping safety atop my mind, as viruses such as influenza and even the risk of the common cold appear unnecessary but inevitable. My educative mindset may actually bother some people post Covid-19, because I plan to keep wearing a mask in certain places such as the grocery store. Interacting amongst crowds congregating in stores and other necessary places leaves me vulnerable. However, I am now conscious of the risks involved with living life after a pandemic. I do not mind wearing a mask to protect myself and others in my family who have underlining health conditions. My brother had a heart transplant in December of 2019 and our relationship does require such mindfulness to protect him from all viruses.

In the time since Covid-19 educated our greater sensibilities with this awareness, our lives have changed a great deal. The age of offices lined wall-to-wall with cubicles appears unnecessary now that employee dedication achieved an equal productive means from afar. While I can only attest for the benefit of my own experiences as a professional person who appreciates the efforts made to safeguard our lives. The true heroes on the frontline of this pandemic deserve more credit than us common folks making everyday products. I make sure to thank doctors, nurses, police officers, and other rescue workers while out in public. My kindness at the grocery store gives the staff an appreciative incentive for a services so valuable to our survival as a nation. Bravo!

Being a vaccinated person makes me even more aware of the viruses and feeling comforted that I can fight the effects of such deadly influences common in our society. America stepped up and delivered a caring response to a situation uncommon to our everyday societal practices. Eating better foods, exercising often, and spending quality time with family and friends will not likely be practices taken lightly going forward. Now that a potential for moving on from this pandemic presents lives anew, then I suggest we honor the lives lost with committed spirits to live mindfully healthy and with meaningful purpose as a nation who cares.

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