• R. E. Maynard

My Quest for Devotional Strength Builds a Confident Plea to Write Professionally

My Quest for Devotional Strength Builds a Confident Plea to Write Professionally

Over my lifetime as a person who struggled to fit into the social construct of communities indifferent by their nature, I had failed to lesson well God’s words devoutly. Real world circumstances left me in defense of an identity guarded by a tough exterior, so I stood alone in search of answers. Being witness to the uglier side of life, I became the judgment of ignorant ties to our indifferences. In reading literature and searching for sincerities in a loveless world, I found humanity attended by our Lord Jesus Christ. The truth of these lying eyes led me astray, but now I study blessings with watchful eyes trusted in God’s lessons of compassion as an empath.

Given my generosity as a person who knows the feeling of loss and doing without material worth, my devotion to humanity became most important after gaining my academic degrees. I hypocritically lacked a relationship with God thereof faithfulness, so I lacked the truer student mentality of expressing truth and emotion through honest. I have developed into mature human being respectful of people’s voices and in sharing mine as well. Being a work in progress means that improvable strides will lead me to achieve inspirable goals completed heartily.

Writing lifts, as my servitude for enlightening our society with both spiritual and philosophical theory and practice through craftiness and wit builds a most purposeful life within. Being well readthrough as an audience member desiring knowledge and information teaches me to find those words that connect my heart to a network of hearts. A Career working as a writer and editor now fulfills a hopeful promise that such a duty shall bless me as a personal professional who can endeavor relationships inspiring such communicative pleas. I write with a sincerity to invoke emotional responses in peers and people broadly seeking a means to read truths. Awoke to the abilities for constructive thoughts while building bridges respectful of intellectual capacities commonly appreciated as critical thinking feeds our souls intently.

Adventurously, I follow a map of expected discoveries enriching a career while writing with the voice of humanity and industry. Together while foretelling of visions confidently devoted to roles where professional finding research and even in the imagination of prose can we all discover truths endearing to our interests and needs. Finding me well in the depths of a written piece personal to an intelligible mindset open an information highway, as one fiery receptor after another remains in pursuit of literary fulfillment. The thought that I am a vehicle destined to discord this map of discovery feels gratifying and without doubt my treasurable life’s masterpieces shall read well in measurable ties that bind our lives.

I thank God for the talents given but my peers and mentors for leading the way.

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