• R. E. Maynard

Natural Comedy Sets a Mere Man Apart from Blah

Natural Comedy Sets a Mere Man Apart from Blah

My gifts are a really simple ordeal, ideally differing from a normal chap’s chitter chatter, as the proof of my personality offers mild giggles or gut busting laughs.

I immerse in a crowd with a sense of humor never second best. An audience is always my favorite place to adapt to life’s reality, while I do appreciate the influential ideas for performing a well-known act. I finally found this frowning face of a clown, once hidden in the reflection of a broken mirror. I learned to somehow be sincere, in the painted smile written across my portrait for weighing expressions through a matter of time.

Blah, blah, and blah goes the rattling mouth of a foolish man, always willing to mention this about tasteful discoveries or crud revelations regarding all that, nothing less than importance to convey a disillusionment about being me. I love my affair with the basic truths, but somehow, I still feel duped by the constant rudeness replacing integrity’s due. A good old-fashioned gamesmanship spares the interests of all my deepest desires, seems redundant to growing mental notes, as long as my blabbering finds the right ears for pondering a devoted life.

Hold my attention well my dear adoring fans, while I learn to fable the foretelling of a life mysteriously sublime. A respectable relationship with courage forges a life of dreams, honest without fearing expressions never forced out loud, as the betterment of my efforts remain genuine to writing stories owned through an imagination worthy of each brand-new days.

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