• R. E. Maynard

O’ Lord Bestow My Heart

My life carries burdens like most lives do, but I see the proof of a faithful relationship carry me through, as well as my devotions remain ever true, many signs deliver me onto the lord’s sacred heart.

O’ Lord Bestow My Heart

God lifts my spirits to a fresh daily start, and in my life of emotions ever heartfelt, do I weigh a spirited affair with good choice, and so does haunting realities test my will daily, while my efforts to stay strong willed shall be done assuredly in His name.

Glory be to the betterment of my safe journey in the light of the Lord, as God’s hands raise me above those fearful emotions bearing beliefs known to harbor humanity’s heart. Every humble christening weighs my soul in His forgiveness. My every prayer shall be the proof of God’s blessings upon a deserving world.

O’ Lord bestow my remorseful heart, as only you—God can spread such positivity across these lands. Word after word does His grace bond all our desires together as one hopeful promise, where every meaningful commitment to my Lord’s serenity wills us all to love’s Devine majesty on high.

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