• R. E. Maynard

O’ My Amour, Honesty

O’ my amour, honesty, from my grave do I love thee honestly, as my bleeding heart once spoke for me ever true. I told well of a love story reminiscent of the tests of time, while I loved you through a life of tragedies and triumphs equally, and forever deservingly a soulmate’s mindful dedication lasted in a relationship challenged by a forever’s eternity.

O’ My Amour, Honesty

A lover’s voice spoke well of thee adoringly, while a sincerest interest remained willfully deserving of a soul equally, while worthy of those memories forged in a union forming our one love definitively of our own lives defined. A gift for the best suited hearts bonded peacefully every presence earned sympathized our history, and such confidence inspired the best of two lover’s dreams.

Fears left lost in translation through the conflicts tested in a commitment through and through, so to discover the proof of a defining life – true and true. Every protective measure related to the truth of an existence assuredly depicted by the gracefulness lessoned with a soul’s passionate faithfulness destined to such a love affair with honesty.

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