• R. E. Maynard

Our Memories Do Tell

Our Memories Do Tell

The human condition is a symptomatic process written in storybooks all of the time, as people create negative and positive narratives that define many of our problems at hand, or triumphs celebrating a mere man.

The characters follow a basis for living throughout the pages of adventurous tales, romances toiling stressful affairs, and foretelling epic trilogies that carry us off to foreign lands. Our protagonist ponders a life of most curious pasts, present in reality, and leading into a future cast. Settings lose directions in environments detailed with beautiful scenes, frightening landscapes, and our most vivid dreams.

A fraction of life may read into memoirs, explaining exactly how our lives with extraordinary delights, or distressing facts that draw us fonder of tales from every era to pass. In our visions of what makes our imaginations to venture off into Neverland, so do we learn to capture the imagery atop our brains forevermore. Each character’s personality grows our spirit a bit closer to our heroes’ in the forefront of ever storyline. We find ourselves living in the times spelled out in books trapping our sense of belonging to a better world, mysterious places, or even spaceships.

Once we reach cover to cover with a desire to never end, as our adventures may end much too soon, but the memories of such travels shall always keep us reminiscing the lessons of life. Through naiveness grown from experiences known to the avid readers of a literary world abound, as authors engage our sense of satisfactions with every word written down. We shall read into the memories that certainly do tell.

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