• R. E. Maynard

Our Miracle Union Loves Purposefully

Our Miracle Union Loves Purposefully

Today's Devotional: We live unified by the flesh and blood of Jesus and his kinship to John the Baptist plus with our humanity held heartily. We become family in our ties to humanity. Our ties to the hearts attending souls worthy of happiness relies greatly on a kinship to love’s bounty. Humanity’s abilities for weighing our good and bad influences favor the same breath that calms thoughts heartily. Relationships garner a truth about being human as challenges to get out of our way force humanity to embrace the human race equally. We must forgive all sinners' imperfections equally.

I think of the many reasons why trust leads my perspectives about humanity so kindly, I care enough to foresee our best qualities. The best reason remains our embodiment of human qualities enriching us rightfully in acts of kindness. Compassion and empathy help battle that unconcern for unadopted sensitivity as human beings indifferent to unwarranted judgments casted self-righteously. Unique to our creation do we share so many physical traits blessing life’s individualities and then try so hard to unity for the good of mankind.

We are a species defined by our abilities to unite in common themes. Achievable goals rely dependably on our willingness to trust in humankind, as God’s plans cherish purposeful relationships and especially of our self-care. Self-worth favors respect thus leading our attention to a focused figure of perfection like Jesus. We shall pale in His light, but we shine in the love of our care for one another. I love you as my heart serves your greater means when able.

Christians and Non-Christian people need our prayers whether elated or not, as God desires a divine relationship with all His children. Time shall speak well of forgiveness ingraining blessings in every life lived. No judgment must detour the mouths of His devoted as our humanity favors love’s sincerities for thy neighbor regardless of our affiliation to Christ Jesus. God ask us to endeavor a love for thee without our reasons to rise above another human being. Our lord loves with forgiveness righteously, as judgment is a gift not of our capacities.

Given my first breath have I united with a world of hope and the very last breath shall muse God’s creation majestically. I give you a heart lessoned in sorrows and with a mindfulness adoring hope for healing hearts through our challenges. I act spiritually with the servitude of a moral being, thus casted undeniably as a sinner prepared to accept each of my remorseful deeds, and I accept those of others’ as we are humanly possible together as one union.

We exist as a wonderment of blessing emboldened by these ideas that our righteousness entitles access to heaven, but I challenge us all to consider that love itself is a virtue of our heavenliest possibilities binding trusted unions over lifetimes to achieve many special things as lovingly sublime beings.

Organize the truest love unique of our capabilities and trust in the gift of life always.

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