• R. E. Maynard

Our Most Gracious Host

Our Most Gracious Host

Od to thy tranquility found in those kindest dispositions most welcome to our protective abode, as we honor thee of our respects new and of old.

Due of the courageous hearts adorned in the flesh of thy psyches torn through foreign wars, as we have acted through the enlisted embodiments of good and misfortunes debating mankind.

Our tidings thereof such righteousness guards our freedoms most assuredly.

Paying honor to lost generations and the foresights of futures passed by in the instinctual bravery of heroes casted in metals and standing tall forevermore.

Our existence has never forsaken the envisioning of captive idols in mere human opinions foretold by a nation so emboldened in care.

Boldly, are ye of our daily bread, as we break the loaf with a breadth to delight our union as a people fulfilled in hungered appetites and led in abundance.

Given of my good deeds lavished in the satisfactions bestowed onto humanity’s starving corpse forever alive and well, as any truer voice has reigned with the rewarded duties of our lives onto a loveless world as ours’.

Our soldiers lift us onto a pedestal for a world to gaze upon our amazing fortitudes as a moral nation in service of hopeful promises.

Gracious are those who host tidings most bountiful of a human beings’ worth, equally of our indifferences do we define hopeful ingenuity and mindsets dawning favored lights recasting over darkened days.

A nation soothed under a guarded front and protective of its axis for spanning our globe, a humanity dawned in the welcome diversity of our bravest sons and daughters.

Our sacrifice meaning everything while represented in the waving of that Star Spangled Banner motioning free for a world to believe heartily.

May God have mercy on our weakened souls, as a strengthening rages in our inurnments while lying together through the tests of time in plots of proven courage and honor.

We the people of these heartfelt abodes dawn the betterments of humanity as a welcome host, and our actions find solace in the fellowships of citizen enlisted in our due respects.

Thank you goes to our military and their families for tiding up a world of possibilities ever so graciously.

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