• R. E. Maynard

Our White Waters Remain Polluted with Ignorant Tides

Our White Waters Remain Polluted with Ignorant Tides

White privilege in America’s heart land force ignorance upon humanity’s beating heart, as our truer destiny cannot be left to the soulless masses of demonizing fools propagating senseless hate.

We shall never allow their speech to influence our souls of the ever brave.

Hatred for race is a cause-less attempt to raise oneself in value over another’s loving desires, as racist are no more than liars, while in reality we are all brothers and sisters in flesh and blood—forbidden love.

Our greater reality must result in a demanded love, as the disheartened warriors join together to fight for injustices across our frightened nation.

Our families are as one.

We must form a coalition and take a stand against the fallacies of false leaders, fools lost in clandestine hoods in hidden shadows lit with flames.

We must vanish the criminally insane, as the law must favor the truth over corruptions known.

The evil-minded practitioners of violence against the innocent stay torn, radical with actions grown afoul, as we strengthen communities broadened with compassions shown, lead the way forward onto better our days. So, shall the righteous amongst us rise above the indignities of a world of confused thoughts about human nature, growing young minds in the depths of morality.

Every human being on Earth deserves dignity, respect, and such honesty shall break the evil temperaments willfully. For you and me—we own this right to eliminate racism in our lifetime, thus, allowing love to reign free—for you and me.

Our white waters remain polluted with ignorant tides.

— R. E. Maynard

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