• R. E. Maynard

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton

Educational tutelage brought me through many healthy relationships where mentoring added so much value to my creative career. I believe in attuning to the heart of an ambitious individuality, as a person who trust in self-respect, my self-love propels the career-mindfulness of trusted academics. We attend educational institutions for the consumption of foundational awareness and to heighten our chances as professional-focused individuals. If it were not for the many mentors who took that extra time spent communicating honestly with critiques regarding my talents, I doubt such a career would have led me to acquire such educational wealth.

My degrees act as springboards for acquiring a network of people who live to grow professionally as staples in industries widely desirable. Casting out on a quest for greater knowledge survives in academics equaling our curious nature as human beings and a thirst for such a means. Our professional interests consume a large portion of these lives we abode by, as we act as temples housing such hopes and dreams. I have lost my share of sleep attending to academia responsibilities and gained so many healthy advantages as an ambitious guy in search for the American Dream. There is a time that comes in a professional career where passing the baton enables the dream to reach even further into a stratosphere most adept to positive changes in other’s lives.

Those natural gifts honed through practice and in adopting leading qualities typically found within the interactions of higher learning are priceless to our survival. We foresight so much tutelage through institutions for the purpose of maintaining career-focused insightfulness, I feel the breadth of my long career only adds to the future up-and-comers. Becoming well-rounded as a creative professional took for me to pursue multiple mediums with higher and higher expectations. In some cases where my educational wealth bought me great respects, I now hope to lend those respects to anyone who desires such importance. I favor education and its outcomes across a spectrum of opportunities where individual growth creates true livelihoods within the depths of a dreamer’s needs.

We are growing in an intellectual world in need of our willingness to pass the baton with dedication for honoring individualized knowledge. I have always tried to set my bar for acquiring information way high without a need to overload my capacity as a learner. My earnest journey leaves intelligible breadcrumbs to find such individual passions owned. If any ambitious person wants to take the baton and educate themselves for the benefits of becoming more employable, then we must pay these respects going forward throughout every generation. We have minds for molding and can set the examples while career modeling failures and triumphs alike as educative superiors leading the way.

I give my sincerest trust in listening to those desires from learners who understand the severity of professionally and personally driven lives.

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