• R. E. Maynard

Perverse Indignation Courses a Gentleman’s Inclinations

Perverse Indignation Courses a Gentleman’s Inclinations

I feel strongly about expressing my opinion about compliments. Unfairly, I feel judged for a willingness to understand morality’s conscience choices remaining atop a gentleman’s heart, as I offer kindness to a world of female influence through identifying with their person as individuals. I deal with a perverse indignation for being kind to females in the process for forming friendships. In today’s society, a kind compliment or gesture typically gets misconceived as some intention as an inquiry to pursue a sexual attraction.

Ladies, as beautiful and attractive as you may be in reality, I have come to the conclusion that the age of coursing a gentleman’s sensibilities died with the very assumption of desire itself. I cannot rightfully offer a kind compliment to a woman in this age of perversion without being a decent man labeled as a pervert. Our society started selling sexual desires as a means of advertising simple curiosities and corrupted the very idea of decency amongst men appreciating women.

Kindness has always been a means to bring people together—until now I want to believe. Many women who receive a compliment automatically assume the man is trying to molest their good nature. I guess they may have a good understanding of the perversion that represents the male species in today’s society. I am not selling out my own by suggesting that I do not fit into the social makeup of a collective identity for horny men willing to do anything to get laid.

A woman who willingly labels a guy most likely has a history of hookups that led her conclusion anyways. I love women. I love the idea of caring for someone more than even myself, but self-respect taught me self-worth, and I love as a result of a greater capacity to compromise in a relationship. I love wholeheartedly and within reason—not to just get into a sexual relationship. I love having friendships with woman, as they offer much respect to add to a man’s consciousness. I am a greater man due to the influences of women.

I honor the opportunity to befriend a woman without desire forcing sexism into our connection as a result. I do have many friendships with women who I want to believe respect me as a person outside of an attraction physically. It is just really difficult to be able to be expressive in a society of insulted indignations constantly casted upon our female species. Can we blame them guys—for judging our sensibilities as men defined by our actions.

I own a wayward perception that feels less confident for gaining respect without some false blame uniting some ill-emotionally driven inclination for pursuing a female’s interests. Maybe I do not want to have a sexual relationship with a woman that I find to be intellectual or sharing other interests. I cannot imagine a female defining this feeling that I have as a man right now. I am so much more than a sexual being, and I enjoy sex greatly, but not at the expense of my own moral integrity or conscious choices.

So, I dwell in the depths of my heart’s desires respecting myself as a man with better sensibilities for acting kind, moral, decent, and justified through those actions that should define me as a male. I never truly wanted to recognize the qualities in a woman’s psyche for gain, especially, if my actions result in an attack on my own respectabilities.

I write and share posts on social media encouraging self-worth often, as I hope every woman feels the right to self-respects, but we all know the pressures of self-love. Maybe the best answer is to not compliment a woman at all. To leave their understanding of beauty well enough in their capable perceptions. Yet, leaving self-doubt in the depths of a good woman is a damn shame when they suffer from low self-esteem.

A man needs to be mindful of a lady’s respects for her self-love without being truthful from the start, so a compliment with an explanation can prevent the misconception of an act of kindness. I trust that being a good guy raised kind by default is a just cause, and the idea of becoming another perversion amongst every other perception of what constitutes perverse indignations in the first place now haunts me rightfully.

This narrative for identifying a man’s intent forces ignorance to judge irrationally, while regardless of a simple gesture, I cannot help but think women do not need my efforts made. Being a male who identifies as a man with earnest intentions to accept the unknown from the start of every new friendship. I do know that sex is not atop my brain when seeking new friendships with a woman.

It is way too hard to fit into social structures without running around labeled as a pervert, and if I am not worthy of such a relationship, then I am better off without the opinions of a woman too quick to define me anyways. I just want to live out my life as a gentleman without the misconceived judgements weighed against me, so I shall now know better than to offer my appreciations for all those amazing qualities of the female persuasion. I shall trust going forward that their love for themselves will be enough to build respects to grow most abundantly.

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