• R. E. Maynard

Piercing Arrows

Piercing Arrows

An eclectic woman’s reflective heart fashioned like an Agate stone thus strengthened her courage upon a world envisioned by Acacia’s wielded presence bestowed.

Motherhood healed her sense of belonging to a world emotionally anew––fathomed in the depths of her ever-grown soul, like an Amethyst spirit shining through her soul’s sincerity to care willfully––calming her fears in light of life’s severest challenges, as a son’s love founded a mother’s truer depths for charming life’s blessings.

An innate conscience led this warrior’s spirit to target her arrow toward discovering the inner peace favoring hope’s state of mindfulness, as such as a soul’s tenacious will cleansed her burdensome tensions–balancing a life in the physical realm––ever refined in the imagery of photographs captured in history’s time.

The wellness of an appreciated mind gifted her optimism atop a conviction to reflect a consciousness forever focused like a Ametrine stone––a future’s light shined far beyond any darkness observed in years pasted. A gifted woman far from any other’s beauty appeared as a modeled expectation envisioned across adorned eyes––fairer to the admirations of our forevermore.

Renewed faith in a purposeful life now defined her physical presence in mere sight, like an angel’s arrow casted her beauty piercing the hearts of admirers who adorned such visions of creativity and a soul’s devotions to the arts.

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