• R. E. Maynard

Prideful Tears

Prideful Tears

The proof that humanity is a greater reality than ever before remains the sign of the times and shows through the strengths of a prideful sense of belonging that rules these days, filling rippling puddles with raindrops from the depths of a spirited affair with peaceful confidence, while changing tides wake upon the opposing views of ignorant minds.

Once fearful tears of oppressions against identifiable differences now speak boldly to all sorts of souls who champion love. The soul of a nation vanishes away judgements long damning the sexual orientation born from within a life capsule grown of flesh and blood. Ignorance is a learned language lessoning stubborn roots, rotten with hatred to every core of one’s existence, as such prejudice devalues the heartbeat of humanity’s living embodiment.

Joyous glee reigns over the freedoms for caring for one another, never forsaking our differences evermore, and not even the truest fallacies of a hater nation can forebode justice from celebrating prideful tears anew. No longer are riddling puddles filling with despair, as the respects of a caring nation celebrates one love’s defining qualities.

Trust in OUR ability to LOVE freely.

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