• R. E. Maynard

Redeeming a Brave Sense of Purpose for Belonging

Redeeming a Brave Sense of Purpose for Belonging

In a time where our lives process fears of this worldwide pandemic, I find myself pondering deeper notions about living happily ever after.

A lifetime of love’s potentials delves well to my truer epidemic, as a life worthy of living weighs heavily upon my shoulders, and a growing heart’s most fearful desire feels curiously unknown. In some universe where a heart can adorn a certain woman’s existence while feeling lost in unknown revelations, and as an honest soul engulfs this once lonely pastime for accepting growth beyond a fear of rejection. I dream of a new relationship growing still beyond our unknown connection to this world of dreams.

A world of my honest dreams unravels desires for setting far greater expectations in an attempt to love my life’s endeavors, while the future looks brighter through eyes open to learning more about your dreams too. Hidden in our dwellings quarantined from human contact, a braver sense of belonging reveals my compassion for humanity’s natural appeal. I hope to love you still beyond the days of late.

Thankfully the beauty of realizing life’s simple pleasures force courage to the forefront of my heart’s compassions. I rise to the light of every new day eager to tell of my affections for your wellness. Bringing a sense of hopelessness for communicating truths about emotions unknown to my soul’s serendipitous reality. I remain a hopeless fool for your heart.

I love to see a lady’s sense of belonging to her life so true. I express my feelings with a vigorous spirit for falling hopelessly in love. I see this beauty as my potential wife, or even as a friend for life. A brave sense of belonging in this lady’s heart gives me a purpose for redeeming my heart’s satisfactions, while this devotion remains spellbound as a wonderful example of a beautiful discovery in lessoning my one adventurous life.

I hope these words become her notion of my sincere devotion. She shall learn of my dreams for our lives to come together sooner or later. I prefer her to know. And all I can expect is a fair expectation for her willingness to share her life with me, or for her to express honesty forthright ever true. Unknowingly, without a clue of my interest, I have harbored a crush since our first sighting. I share this poem with hopes for her love in return. As if I have a purpose for belonging to her sense of purpose too.

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