• R. E. Maynard

Rightfully Known, My Love–God Gives Ever Adoringly.

In searching through insecurities that own my worthy heart, do I own a soul encouraged by the potentials of living far beyond any such darkness known. I bestow these efforts for entering the light of a most faithful heart indeed–a faithfulness found deep inside of me.

Rightfully Known, My Love––God Gives Ever Adoringly.

God shall never forsaken my devoted beliefs, as well suited as a heart ever so deservingly defines me—trusting in a faithful life ever defined. Love shall never forfeit a lifetime of fallacies regretfully owned by my mind toiling over ownership of this heart rightfully grown.

A remorseful heart forgoes the simplicity of a dreamer’s dues, as a spirited affair with dreams come ever true, as I awaken into a blessed life to see adoringly. I am truly thankful for the blessings of each new day, inspired by His righteousness above all else, so shall my heart remain happily imaginative of a place safe to be grown anew, and self-worth distinguishes a soul worthy of compelling a lifetime of my prayers.

Rested is my head on a stone of fortune delineating such a peace-of-mind, as emotional wealth enriches my existence forevermore in the definition of living this life ever true, and through the body of Christ—a renounced life takes on living devoted to a mission worthy of blessings bestowed.

As God's spirited contributions mold my heart into the model of morality and compassions shown, wholeheartedly without denying His love for even a moment's time–a heart trusting believes rightfully in my love's truest rule–a love unconditional shall define me.

–R. E. Maynard

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