• R. E. Maynard

Sanctuary Found Under a Withered Fig Tree

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Sanctuary Found Under a Withered Fig Tree

Find sanctuary under the realization of a withered fig tree as you seek the answers to life. The sleep of much-rested glory, be a soulful presence rejuvenated in the sacrifice of my savior Christ Jesus and weep not through the gospel as sorrows turn to prayers.

Keeping postured shoulders able act as courageous truth, shall we preach His splendor for the sake of those enabled through the forgiveness of God.

Given the light of day, and weariness of nightfall, shall our devotions prove all that are hearts breathed into this life, as the will of a king of kings serving humanity ever reflective of perfections despite our sinful pleas.

One such human betrayal indignant of false profits and those who deem the forsaken as an anti-Christ, we remain combatted by a faithful following to this Earthly Son born of the Father almighty, willfully shall we rebuke the obsessions from Satan while calling his disciples.

Lift all thou transgressions through remorse to the Lord of humanity, forgiven upon the actions of thy neighborly deeds forever foresighted of a sanctuary in Heaven, as we rise after death to take our seat by His throne.

Through the courage of Simon Peter, the inevitable recitation of human nature onto sinners dawning realms favoring glorious possibilities where Gods' loving difference met the heart of humanity.

Darkness pales in the faith portrayed by the believers in the Christ child, born of a world where miracles never cease to amaze and resurrected by His obligation to redeem humanitys' souls in the afterlife remains our gift.

I give your boldest sincerities a choice to follow Him faithfully, even if bearing the spilled blood of Jesus our Lord upon your strife. Spattered blood spilled upon our embodiments of cloaking fears while every trusted heart care over a deserving world while reigning in His glory.

God bless, always.

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