• R. E. Maynard



A creative life of earlier beginnings taught me to build sandcastles in my mind’s imagination. Forging dreams of an emotional being suitable for such accommodations, I shall live happily ever after and ever creatively. I took my chances to feel alive and, I have always trusted in a life of imaginable themes. My psyche rightfully earns my every choice to owning such a life worthy of me–living humbly in a reflection of a dream.

This discovery of self-love helps me to wield a heart most passionately reflective of a human being. A human living in the lap of luxury, enriching a world beautiful by nature’s own design, but I now sit a life of duty upon my willful shoulders without an argument to bear, and even though such a life of challenges remains a burden as times of despair course my lessons learned for building a life of my own—I have a simpler regard for always proving somehow that I care enough to live this life most accordingly.

My talents forge buckets of sand seemingly adept for forming this life built on greater potentials, expectations existent in a reality of no simple means to an end define me, while always remaining true to seeing my way through while escaping those towers imprisoning me with emotions causing such a state of being. These imaginable foresights help to open door designs expeditiously, as a respectable end to my lesser means create new beginnings.

A world of potentials expands my castles properties, while aspiring deeds inspire brand new dreams on beaches far beyond unimaginable beliefs, as opportunities gain new heights and, visualizes through a designing nature for caring rightfully become beautifully known as an architect of some incredible dreams. I create a life deservingly. I have a willful duty to fulfill my expectations for growing this most purposeful affair with destiny. I rise in light of every day’s washed away sands of time and start anew.

To forgive those people who force wickeder hearts against me—do I live my days humbly without fear in sandcastles of my own design.

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