• R. E. Maynard

Seasonal Moods

Seasonal Moods

The gray skies of Spring downpour buckets of rain droplets over gloom perspectives. Flowers break new grounds for breathing in beauty to share with humanity. Trees begin to broaden their limbs with leaves in full bloom—providing us life anew. Every leaf replaces the emptiness left behind by the year prior. Life is dyer, breath it in—happily, you gain yet another day’s grace.

Sunshine in abundance brightens the heart’s perceptions, as the warmth of Summer shines a beautiful array of urgency upon lives lived through most appreciative eyes. Vacation spots become our favorite destinations, as the sun rays radiate positivity in light of far greater responsibilities to bear.

As the leaves change into a world of colorful dreams—like envisioned landscapes painted in picture books, so does Fall prepare our hearts for yet another season for change. The brisk air embodies an awakening for the betterment of a planet transforming due to a cooler means for a nation’s hibernation. Bonfires roast delightful treats and our very existence hinges on sights for eyes joyously wide open.

Winter freezes time, as wonderlands resemble journeys through snow topped memories. The same tree limbs born leaves seasons earlier, now house shelves for icicles to dangle in space. Snowflakes come in every design, and not one flake exist the same as the one before. Children and adults play outdoors, as winter hangs around for months on end—awaiting another year to begin.

These changes are all a part of our seasonal moods, so live a life worthy of appreciating Mother Earth.

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