• R. E. Maynard

Sensible Differences Raise the Stacks for Freedom

Sensible Differences Raise the Stacks for Freedom

The world has a toppled sense of reasoning these frightful days, as individuals deem their opinions warrant the basis for demanded change in the face of every opposition. Everyone wants someone to redefine their beliefs toward what is a self-deprecated moral choice for deeming another’s consciousness. We do not change so easily our redeemable sensualities for living life as an individual.

We live in a judgmental world of misinformation dealt by the hands of race, creed, and need, as a focus on our democracy caters to the interest of a Bible-belt and those Hellbent on destroying all that is different than those living well through hypocracy. By appearance these are less than trustworthy Christians to follow naively straight into the pits of Hell.

Being a spirited person does not necessarily give an individual the power to recess one’s rational, nor does wielding hearts forfeited by a lack of compassion give humans any rights to condemn people’s basic understanding for living well beyond judgements. I stand before humanity searching for a home in my own deceased after life. Ghosted in a history as a lovable guy, I am a legacy to foretell of the things that I have achieved.

Do make a peaceful resolution to conjure hope, as the likes of diversity truly weavers a great argument for individuality’s respectabilities, or we are a species forced to rely heavily upon the very notions sold by trusting in the rants of egomaniacs seeking souls to reap. Lose your foul reasoning at will, so to benefit causes bearing the mindfulness to stay connected to a kinder heart.

Our willingness to observe other’s differences raises the stacks for freedoms reigned in truths, and we can fight together against the battles scaring our most prosperous lives as a human race. Together, we shall reign free.

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