• R. E. Maynard

Shepherding the Faith of Humanity as a Lamb of Christ

Shepherding the Faith of Humanity as a Lamb of Christ

In reading through John’s testimony in the Bible, do I find that receiving eternal life is a blessing found in the love of Christ Jesus. I follow Him with great convictions to bear my life. Humanity being of mankind, do we see the disobedience of human indifference as division reaps our souls ever so wickedly. We rob, harm, and even kill our brethren to favor the materialistic beliefs of a corrupted mentality without love and also for doubting shame. Our conscience mind attunes to a flock of sincerities given the nature of a spirit raised in good faith and compassions lent to one another’s lives. I watch over thee with every intent to guide people good or bad through gifts innate to my personhood in Christ’s teachings. I am but a sinner imperfect within reason and each breath taken gives me the righteousness to clothe, feed, and assure care for all His people.

My body is a temple protecting the lambs of Christ our Lord, as I help sincerely prosper one people in light of ourselves, shall our lives be an intelligible coursing led through examples of God’s advisories. John leads us to Him with our sorrows as a power to rise above any mere disbelief enables His righteousness within. I awaken to His voice reigning true with each given circumstance for teaching me to trust most faithfully, as I live in the midst of wickedness and strife growing my sorrows into prayers. God answers with each scripture read through every innate sincerity favoring the actions of our savior Christ Jesus.

I become the lamb and His shepherd, fearless of the judgments of mankind, just as Jesus forgave the likes of those who sought to take His life. Jesus rose to protect our naivete as humans casted in the imperfections and lessons of meaningful lives naturally indifferent moralistically but worthy of salvation. Jesus remains the personhood of our best faith and the reasoning for us all to feel innately loved. I love with the leading impressions of a moral fortitude founded in my efforts to be a reflection and reaction thereof of my idol Christ Jesus.

My actions are in the service of humanity and of a stewardship harvesting hope through praise as love reestablishes our souls into an afterlife deserving of all His people.

I love in abundance because He has blessed my existence with struggles known to enlighten. Our togetherness favors more postured hope than to rule against the humanity of His people innately righteous in His presence or feeling not so. Jesus gave us the answer preventing our demise as a people, while He foretold of a man who dies living in the heart of our God. He remains a man of the Earth, as Jesus returns to avenge our sins. I transcend my Earthly existence taking no material gains, simply a presence by His side idle to a throne worthy of my Father, Creator, and the purveyor of love felt in this faithful heart of mine.

We are all sheep and still shepherds in the compassions taught through our Christ, I can find my purpose in loving those who deny God of His righteousness alike, while as His wishes for peace and love prosper hopeful promises for a world chaotic and distrusting. Our willful indifferences as a people thrusting us all into the darkness of days wickedly anew and unknown to our posture to carry burdensome lives. I believe without a doubt that we all deserve His loving presence throughout these inherent lives lived. Commonly sharing in humanity, however life presents love into hearts worthy of self-respect, self-worth, and in acts of kindness thereof human nature.

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