• R. E. Maynard

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

The streets are scurrying with the bleeding hearts of humanity, as the outraged masses speak loudly in a nation long divided by race relations. Burning buildings represent the frustrations of a youthful revolution coping with the lessons of an ignorant fraternity of laws gone astray.

Pounded pavements bleed rivers of sorrows drowned in a sea of fury, and our raging nation redeems the justice for murders committed, raising awareness to the senseless injustices against mankind. Evil darkened souls reap the innocence of a cultured society diverse within the betterment of a human race. Hatred burdens Americans fashioning the worries of saddened faces, as now we witness no less than an equal importance for Black Lives who Matter in a greater regard for living without the fears forced upon humans for far too long now.

Fighting spirits shall kneel in protest against the poor definitions for what constitutes a patriots’ freedoms. Our greater examples shall lesson morality’s judgements in peaceful waves of saving graces, as God wills the hearts of all willing race warriors to pray for blessings to change through wholehearted miracles lifting up the lives no longer held down beneath the oppressions of a crippling nation of haters.

A war won with determined kindness proven through sit-ins, standing boldly in the face of long sleepless nights, while we the righteous carry out the battles for what shall rewrite the expectations of history, as our voices reign amongst the heavens above, and all those never forsaken angels we have lost—sing our praises with glee.

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