• R. E. Maynard

Sobering Light Shines Internally to Cast Love Upon a World of Hope and Praise

Sobering Light Shines Internally to Cast Love Upon a World of Hope and Praise

In scripture do we find Peter as a chosen enlightenment to wisely cast light upon a world influenced by darkness shed by the Devil. We indulge innately in the breadth of each day hoping to empower ourselves in an enlightened position to act purposefully and within good reason. I learned to empower myself and people using an ability to write heartily for the sake of humanity’s indifferences and scripture leads me boldly. My concerned voice of reason acts soberingly for the betterment of God’s people and even in my efforts to find people casted within a loving presence in defense of our imperfections. I shall lift the offenders of my fears into righteous pleas and pray for the sanctuary of all hearts deserving of His presence found within any sobering soul. God loves us all.

My light does not always shine ever bright, casted in doubt at times, strife ruling my indifferences over painful truths. I act within reason to serve a deserving world compassionately and for the benefits of those doubts pondered. A service to our humanity favoring grace shown through sensible eyes, a heart sincerely seeing through our ties to deceitful choices garner forgiveness rightfully. I see clearly into an impenetrable heart’s protective barrier for the sake of keeping us all safe from the evil so commonly true to any life here on Earth. I weaken my defense in a sobering effort to bring care upon a world of good deeds for the sake of humanity and the welfare necessary to change right over wrong. I gleeful sound out in defense of soulful uprising throughout a nation of people innately righteous in our needs to serve one another’s indifferences while casted in love over hate.

We, the people of good stewardship can provide a far greater means in sharing our moral lights onto the prosperity of generations garnering hope still. The very basis for intoxicating our mindsets with sinful judgments remain self-deprecated for stripping humanity of equal tidings. I forfeit the gains of my greatest devaluing feelings as emotional wealth enriches me far greater than millionaires and billionaires greedily may acquire any likes to my heart’s valuable deeds. I have seen through the visions of the seven sins in mankind’s eyes, onto hearts toiled in wrath of their passions to bestow upon humanity's failed relationships. I reside still entrusted in my people of shared commonalities with a hope to bear our concerns indifferent ever so righteously.

May I never serve wealth as a means of my indulgent needs as anyone less than an advocate for positive change. Whereas I may soberly speak to the light we cast together as the universe turning the age of mankind ever empathically toward our most moral existence. We can exist indifferent, still valuably to a human race, and I pray heartily with each expressive word written for our preservation that humanity’s most invaluable heartbeat sounds to the toll of righteousness through better tides. I write with a sober voice casted out in light of my imperfections with a plea to join our bested efforts to care innately. I love you as such innate compassion leads me well onto thee willfully. Find me where you may, but love me on this blessed day.

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