• R. E. Maynard

Soul Proof

Miraculously is the human spirit defined by our destiny, as a true spirited affair with our hearts prove us worthy of each breath taken, while our most deserving lives are truly defined by our existence equipoised of one another's beliefs.

We are not so different underneath the toiling or lacking for ambitions known, or for looking far beyond our individual opinions, nor should we ever forget our moral obligations for seeing kindly through lens depicting humanity as we are humanly possible.

Soul Proof

Not to ever be mistaken for the time spanning a history of inventive ideas, or an Industrial Age where dreams came to life, nor shall we forsaken the beauty of families sprouted across America’s rich soul, as a world grows rapidly around us.

The human race is the soul proof of a most magical equation, calculated by lives spanning time and space, as our progression as a people has truly remained dependent upon the soulful purpose to prove a promising right, achieved by greater expectations than any mere material possession, while forever learning to coexists as demanded thinkers, upheld by those humans who felt emotionally inspired to prove worthy of our potentials, as our souls have proven most deservingly.

Mother Earth gifted our spirits to a higher awareness for growing ever fonder of these lives that we are afforded, as we remain engaged in these soulful affairs with hearts worthy of our love for one another.

— R. E. Maynard

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