• R. E. Maynard

Starving a Hopeful Promise on the Sabbath

Starving a Hopeful Promise on the Sabbath

Errant weekdays weigh the heart’s responsibilities ever committedly, as I faithfully give a rested day to my recovery. On this final day of the week’s attentive needs, shall I lavish in the life the Lord gave to me, while I relish in the collections gathered in the days of late.

God leads me to enjoy the bounty of breadcrumbs raining from the dawning of every new day and a feast of fowl at every dusk. One sacred day shall we reign in the house of the Lord, as the Sabbath speaks to our health and wellness through trust in His majestic will serving us our daily bread. He lives in us, and we live in His love undeniably.

Just as my gifts dawn the presence of each day as a professional representing people who pay my dividends for prosperity’s sake, do I only owe my soul such a means to survive gracefully.

God on high leads me through the raging walls of insecurities dawned from the stresses of days rewarded with blessed bravery. As I course the devotionals each morning that speak to my soul and dawn a hierarchy of mindfulness. Employing upon my good nature a kind-spirited welfare of livelihood befitting a caring sympathy to being of such fine beliefs. I pray daily that God answers my fearful thoughts with courage only He can instill in a heart like mine.

Sunday is the day that I remain home in a heart adoring He, my salvation appears resemblant of a statue fashioned by the Lord’s love of our species. Created in His likeness with flaws teaching us of our meaningfulness amongst this loveless world. I foresight the visions casted from atop mountains and walk boldly toward our be-thrown master of all things Earthly possible.

Starve your soul of worry and strife, as life portrays His voice to our ears, and as we hear the orders of a passage ahead, shall such lives dawn catastrophes and conflicts among mankind. Stand with God through the tests of time, as He awaits our compassions most heartily.

I pray for the Sabbath, so to remain in the house of my Father in heaven, as a heart devoted to Jesus Christ is a safe place to call home. God bless you all and go forward bravely trusting in the path of greater achievable means and the serenity in lives starving for a day of Sabbath.

Hold dear to your rested faith.

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