• R. E. Maynard

Strange Reunion

Strange Reunion

The night longed with torment causing Calvin a sleepless mood to then fret the dawn of his new day. In finding her existence in a world forcing a stay from love’s potentials—he awaited a woman who deserves his heart wholeheartedly. A great deal of emotional change took place in the years leading up to him finding her awaiting a recovery from heartache’s dismay. Silence gave him no confidence to meet her expectations without sounding somewhat desperate with anticipation and possibly wimpy to suggest a hero's storied past.

In the birth of their relationship grown anew, he gave into her satisfactions for treasured gifts. In a time where such items raised her trust that the gestures were a sincere compliment for fancying her desires for nice possessions. Fear tormented both their hearts and thoughts of living safe without heartache in a world where love failed so many couples. Of course, any idea of love lasting gave him hope for a longing future where happiness implied his life needed someone special like June

Years passed by quickly and nearly no attempts to socialize left him bidding far too many farewells in a short stint while online dating. It seemed dysfunctional and thus afoul with ineffective clashes with individuals who lessened any real hopes for finding true love. A hiatus from the internet gave him some peace of mind, even though he missed having that one person who might settle his passions for a soulmate. He received an invitation to an event in the mail, which he concluded a showing may favor a good time.

At Calvin's twenty-year high school reunion, a group of lifetime friends who he had not interacted with each other in two decades sat around tables reminiscing old memories with laughter and comforts. Explaining his loss of his wife caused many emotions to forfeit a life of pleasures led the group to console Calvin with absolute care. The night felt both exhausted with emotional ties to truths expressed and gratifying due to such supportive behaviors shown to the widowed man.

Calvin was a popular youngster in his school years. The friends all knew that he had went onto become an acclaimed novelist. Riches were the proof of his efforts to express life freely with the pages of his texts, but emotional wealth escaped him around every advantage for far too long now.

People at the tables took to the dance floor, as 80s tunes filled the auditorium and their ears with glee. Feeling a bit awkward once the chairs emptied, Calvin sat staring across into the eyes of his old classmate, June Waters. The two sat perfectly still in their chairs, as their eyes danced in twinkling grace of the dimly lit auditorium. He could not get over her beautiful face. More than curious his heart raced to the beat of the songs played, as he tapped his foot, and finally gave a wave toward June frozen in a state of silence and wonderment. The evening quickly passed hours into seconds as they sat awaiting the other’s responses to such a lack for flirting with one another. Fear appeared to petrify them in a statued state.

Finally, a male friend tipped over the edge of intoxication approached June. “Hey, sexy! You wanna go make out in the backseat of my BMW?” The drunken man blabbered rudely, while he leaned over her unstable and a bit too grabby with his hands.

“No,” June replied. She scooted away from his position being way too close for her comfort.

He advanced again with another comment. “What’s your problem? You got something up your butt?” Aggressively stating her disinterest in his advances.

“Please, leave me alone,” June pleaded. She looked to Calvin with a look of disagreement. Just then as Calvin sprung to his feet, June punched the intrusive man in his mouth with a right cross. The drunken man rose and stumbled away cussing June’s response. Call us walked up applauding her courage to stand up against such abuse. June asked Calvin, “Do you want to join me?”

The two stayed in their seats and were the last to leave the auditorium that evening. Where topics flowed and their conversations felt natural and purposeful. Calvin stood and reached out his hand, then he stated with a kind tone, “Shall we?”

“Yes!” June grabbed his hand and he led her off into the warm night air. The proof of their existence lasted until death due they parted, as Calvin's last words whispered to June softly, he said lovingly, “I cannot imagine a life more worthy of happiness than mine. You gave me a lifetime of love and friendship. I shall love you for an eternity, dear. I will be awaiting your arrival–until we see each other...”

June kissed his forehead as he passed away from a life once lived. She said to him even without his consciousness, “I shall see you in eternity then...” She left her statement un-ended with hope that she would indeed be rejoined with Calvin once again.

June passed away a few years later. Calvin met her in the light brightening her now awakened eyes to a truer paradise in Heaven's gate. The two lovebirds lasted, because Calvin and June loved in their lives enough to deserve an eternity evermore.

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