• R. E. Maynard

Summer’s Blithe Seasoned a Winter’s Heartache Naturally

Summer’s Blithe Seasoned a Winter’s Heartache Naturally

The icicles trickled down his cold emotionless heart, while a lonely existence left his soul hollow of any warm-heartedness to spare. Frigid winds whooshed around his ill temperaments as he traveled about town marked emotionally unwell.

People who came upon the bitterness of this man shivered over his mere sight, while a callous demeanor fraught a disposition frightening to even the most compassionate citizens of this small town.

Encounters with his heartache be-stilled time and captured the remembrance of a couple once spoiled in a lavish life, that is an awareness of this dreamlike state of mindfulness for the loss of a good man’s adored wife.

A community’s compassion haunted this location as everyone dealt with this man’s blizzard of emotional strife. Darkened skies casted a shadowless creature who crept about those who left only a forecast fearfully warned.

A season anew turned to brighter days, a meeting by chance led to an attraction like no storm blown over a heart worthy. Eventually, in the depths of a blustery affair with a Summer’s Eve, his delights turned into sun filled rays of hope, and her beautiful existence reigned over his once frosted eyes with a heated affair.

Love created blooms blossomed to surface atop patches of his freshly grown perspectives about life soon enough, as wildflowers filled the air with aromas of satisfactions ever true, and a man once broken hearted married the love of his awaiting life. A summer's blithe seasoned a winter's heartache naturally with his heart fulfilled forevermore.

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