• R. E. Maynard

Superfluous Puns Flabbergast Attires for Curtailing Fashion Trends

Superfluous Puns Flabbergast Attires for Curtailing Fashion Trends

It is not for the sake of a bad attitude, or remembering the efforts made spent on wasted fashion trends, as people have worn clothes all sorts of ways—inside out and in reverse too. Baggy pants hung down below the buttock, decorative moo-moo dresses disguising some uniquely rearing cabooses, and even 1980’s hair-band spandexes showed off far too much derrière for the less fanatic fashionable people of the world.

Where does the times go when you are dressed for success, ever so fast does trends fade to dust bunnies shoved deep into the darkness of a closet’s past. In a blink of an eye have treads become duds while these are the garments that have a tendency to clash with other’s willingness to appreciate more than a business attire. As a person’s neatly trimmed hair changes to all assorted shades, tips frosted brightly, as dye portrays every array for looking like rainbows come to a blast from the past, as if a box of Crayola fills in the blanks for one’s uniqueness or originality.

Watching videos on the television got out lasted by realty’s showing personalities, and so many viewers choose the right influences on modeling fancier styles curtailing better and lesser choices of days staying up late in maybe some comfier pajamas. The rags to riches outfits that are the history of hairdos sculpted in every shape and design do not necesarrily refine a person’s profession, as I too had a flock like the seagull’s frame of mind and banged heads with the best of a mosh pit from Hell.

Of course, my flavors of belonging to eras left in the depths of my soul’s superfluous puns flabbergast whatever attires curtail my many fashion trends down to none, as my birthday-suite suites me just fine.

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