• R. E. Maynard

Tainted Hearts Only Birth More of the Same Sinful Deeds

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The pleasure of wielding a heart evil by nature is a simple fact that an individual need not care about much or nothing. A world of possibilities must weigh less than any emotional capacity fathomably equaling the equative truths of damn fools. The wicked levities of political jesters in today’s political arena remains laughably hinged on the evil thoughts about rights to life or death for whatever sakes. The betterment of kinder souls lose faith in humanity’s righteousness for attaining liberty and justice for all.

Only God knows why to condemn sinners' hearts, judging the souls of false prophets with sure damnation, while these are the prophecies foretold through the hatred of racism, acts where violence reigns free to the mentally ill, and dishonesty fulfills deceitful intentions to dismantle the intellectual mental properties of an unequivocally divided human race.

Tainted Hearts Only Birth More of the Same Sinful Rights

Sloth curses generation after generations to come, as the proof of failing leaders pander unsupportive careers that lack a luster to ever commit reliably. Newly grown adults ignore the offerings of greedy CEO’s proposing their entrepreneurial-ship and self-gained wealthier lives better than the under ranks arriving daily to ultimately starve families with lesser means to an end. All the while, honest businessmen build pathways to provide better lives spent toiling the busy days of productivity's rightful promises.

Greed plagues the hearts of a rightist affairs with struggles founding less concern for morality’s sake. Trying so hard to own the right to choose individuality unfortunately divides a nation of ideological beliefs lacking love’s honest regards while acceptance for one another’s differences rage wars in the commonly shared streets.

Lust knowingly accommodates the perving notions of a sickened constituency willing to sacrifice decency for the support of hearts across a nation. Seemingly, the acts of propagating rapist, child molesters, and the aiding support of such divisional groups bear arguably some reachable reasoning for supportive causes and outcomes to never weigh the objective moral qualities for harboring better sensibility in the election process of a sinning community likewise grown afoul.

Do not dare to dream of an intellect grown through talents known and therefor, by a greater effort made to redeem knowledge born, as envy has a home in the workplace.

The mentality of today’s professionals tries so forcefully to dumb down the educative dreams of a better sorts of thinking man, or woman. Jealousy over the lack of one’s control burdens a team of varying levels for critical thoughts, actions, and understandings, while such levels of communications leave people feeling less than ruling knowledge forthrightly owned. An idiotic resolve is a requested demand to lessen the intellectual minds from their advanced capabilities and, leaving expectations far beyond such commonplace and disrespectfully true to a reality for achieving objectives.

Wrath feeds the fueling agendas for wars amongst folks possessed by sin and willingly defined by a human race of indifferences. Creed demands the murderous actions remain willing to torture soldiers of less-fortunes in foreign lands, as America’s greatest citizens protect the betterment of a moral society on domestic and foreign lands alike. Still, a fair amount of propagandas lends to the deceitful tyrants administrating the martyrdom of a teetering democracy’s dying breeds. Teetering on the opinions of constituency equally afoul, do parties fail to reach a nation of prosperous needs for generations to trust in electoral rights, and no one wants to find a common ground in a corrupt process hellbent of much of the same rhetoric sold by nonpartisan agendas.

Gluttony’s divulges for pleasures like a double-sided blade that cuts out sweetened treats to the core of a potbellied gut. Every sense of good choice falls to the weight of ever inch gained by an obese nation of consumers. An unhealthy commitment to an obese populous feed the delightful measures of a lifetime shortened by our own demise–bite after bite, do we all eventually die.

Pride gathers every single sin into a reality of acceptance from dealing with a soul worthy of shame, as everyone makes poorer decisions appearing completely insane in the face of a humbled betterment for bringing about necessary change. The proof of our lives dissipates with each resistance to an ability to love without prejudice. A prideful look into an individualism always deemed us as boastful rants break down psyches known for offering compassion as a simple truth.

Tainted hearts only birth more of the same sinful deeds, and inherited ignorance has never solved a single problem worthy of adhering to the false hopes of a parent’s treaties for ruling a moral conscience. Only kinder hearts are the recipients of respected beliefs, as no party’s ideologies demand the types of respects without earning their duties to unite a nation’s greater expectations, and living as thy neighbor in a melting pot of diversity and dignity’s rightful due contemplate the best possible resolutions for healing hearts known to cause divisions unhealth to believers who understand the importance of a human life.

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