• R. E. Maynard

The Adaptation of a Sorted Psyche Grows a Willful Life

The Adaptation of a Sorted Psyche Grows a Willful Life

My psyche is a wall of insecurity hiding me fearfully from the commonalities of society’s heightened expectations, as I lend my emotional awareness to the concerns of every mimicking sorted affair with sight—I am seeing my life understandably.

A mindful regard for every consideration stimulates thoughts reliant on the imaginative dreams of creativity, as a mind worthy of my heart inspires a world of living an artistic affair with believing in me.

Weighing my body to the advice of wellness means a life of breath inhales influence and exhales growth, when the shape of my existence is defining the willful actions of a decent human being.

This innate spiritual sense of direction guides a soulful existence where I matter most, as self-love raises my understanding of caring for others, so shall this duty align my desires with compassion honestly, as the life of an empath defines my greater destiny.

My adaptation of me is a journey led by this most acceptable psyche, as I choose my path confidently—I am perfectly fine by self defining my every contribution as perfect imperfections.

— R. E. Maynard

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